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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marcin and Ewcia

/taken A.D. 2007, September, Warsaw, Poland.

Best friend of mine. And his beloved wife. More about them - soon.
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Rafcio, Koszu

/taken A.D. 2007, July, Warsaw, Poland.

Working as IT security manager Rafal manages to keep his mind fresh and heart open. Thinking different Mac owner. U2 devoted fan. Loves music. Both, to listen to, to create and to perform. Writes poetry. Plays Nintendo DS. Good companion, intelligent, social animal.
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/taken A.D. 2007, September, Warsaw, Poland.

Paulina loves mountains and books. Mixture of these two would be the best. High mountains. Classic books... English and Irish literature is for her most interesting. Books on people and their minds. She studied hydrology, and that may be the reason why, she like water, must continuosly stay on the move. Folk and reagge, eg. Sinead o'Connor, Crannberries... Green tea and red wine.
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/taken A.D. 2007, September, Warsaw, Poland.

Justyna is cheerful and warm person. In love with tango dance. Atttends almost every Milonga in Warsaw. She wants to become a culture manager, to promote interesting cultural events.
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/taken A.D. 2007, May, Puck, Poland.

lawyer in spe, passionate sea sailor, open minded, intelligent, with great sense of humour. Responsible team leader. Devoted ex-scout.
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/taken A.D. 2007, August, Warsaw, Poland.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


/taken A.D. 2007, May, Warsaw, Poland.

Born 1989, the year of Polish transformation into the freedom driven country, so she messes with kids, breaks the rules and looks for freedom. In love with Paris and photography, she blogs with Holga at She defines her generation as instantly looking for money (generic success) and sex (generic love). Definitely the triple "I" person: Intelligent, Independent, Individual.
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Monday, May 21, 2007


/taken A.D. 2007, May, Warsaw, Poland.
Philosopher in spe. Writer. Creative mind focused on matching people and inspiring them for action. She revitalises and recycles. She also seeks how to make some money out of these creations. She listens more than she speaks. Bright and penetrating. Soup eater, fruit lover, from time to time mixing soups and fruits into one energetic potion.
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Magda and Zuza

/taken A.D. 2007, April, Węgrów k. Wyszkowa, Poland.

Making brave decisions, Magda is really full of positive strenght. Single with her daughter. Her current target is to leave Poland and go to USA.

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Monday, March 26, 2007


/taken A.D. 2007, March, Warsaw, Poland.

The triple "I" person: Intelligent, Independent, Individual. She teaches the Polish language to kinds in primary school. The real "bookeater". She likes clubbing. Full of energy. She definitely knows, what she wants and she gets it quickly.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


/taken A.D. 2007, March, Warsaw, Poland.
Studied graphics in Torun. Currently living in Warsaw. In five years she wants to be a scenographer. Likes colours and shapes.
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/taken A.D. 2007, March, Warsaw, Poland.

Katie is Gemini. Interested in people and the world around her. Living the life and trying not to miss anything of it. In the future she wants to be a psychologist.
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Sunday, February 11, 2007


/taken A.D. 2007, February, Warsaw, Poland.

Born in Mazury region, living and working in Warsaw. Ela works as an international trade specialist, dealing with the Eastern markets. Perfect knowledge of the Russian language as well as good understanding of the Russian Soul make her best choice for any such post. Company of friends and good wine is what she prefers in private.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007



/taken A.D. 2006, January, Warsaw, Poland.

Michal - young professional, expat and commuter, currently dealing with petroleum and gas in Russia, Moscow. During free time traveling around the world, documenting the travels on various blogs. The person of the year 2006 according to the Time magazine. Google loves him. Great and warm person. Posted by Picasa

Adam and Otylia


/taken A.D. 2006, June, Warsaw, Poland.

the great couple, he's a scientist passionate in butterflies and other worms, she's a lawyer, specialised in the European law.
Both are very communicative and keen on networking and associating with other people. Both with very good sense of humor. Posted by Picasa

Marcin, the Tigermaan


/taken A.D. 2006, September, Warsaw, Poland.

also known as Author X
DJ, musician, writer, man of honour, fan of, softly fighting with the contemporary Babylon by trying not to follow the rules and stay as well as open minded as fresh
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Monday, December 11, 2006


/taken A.D. 2006, December, Czersk, Poland.

Beata is hardly working, creative and open minded person. Instantly seeking to improve her communication techniques and personal skills. Emotional intelligence highly above an average. In love with cats.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Simon and Mariusz

/taken A.D. 2006, on the sunny November morning, at Warszawa Powiśle, Poland.

today Simon is exactly two years and three months old, more and more passionate about explorig the world around him, open minded, cheerfull and communicative

Mariusz is 32 years old lawyer, still retainin' some of the Simon characteristics

Saturday, October 21, 2006


/taken A.D.2003, Warsaw, Poland
great friend of mine, passionate actor, definitely will appear here again

Hania i Marcin

/ taken A.D. 2004, Warsaw, Poland
friends of mine, current expats...


\taken A.D.2003, Warsaw, Poland
I wonder where and what does she do now